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We want you to talk about what you love to talk about...en español. Consider us your Spanish speaking BFF!

Learn one-on-one with an online teacher in a fully customized and immersive experience. Here at Pitahaya, all material and class time are completely in Spanish from day one because we believe that total immersion is the key to language learning. Learn Spanish the way you learned your native language! Poco a poco!

You will be amazed at what you can achieve by meeting 1 to 3 times a week working with an experienced teacher who takes an active interest in your progress while adapting to your pace and individual needs.


Our spanish courses


To sprout!

(verbo) Nacer o salir [una planta] de la tierra.

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To grow!

(verbo) Aumentar [el tamaño del organismo de un ser vivo].

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To bloom!

(verbo) Dar flores [una planta].

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What our students say about us

Learning Spanish has been a wonderful experience. It has helped me connect with families which is very important. As my classes continued I could hear more and more confidence in myself when communicating with students and their parents.

Classes with Maddie have helped me to feel more confident especially because I have an auditory processing learning difference. The classes make me feel more capable of listening than I thought! Maddie's feedback and encouragement helps me to feel confident as well.

My brain has gotten bigger. I feel like my mind has opened more as I learn to understand Spanish. 

During my classes with Maddie my understanding has increased and I so enjoy the relaxed conversation way of learning.

How does it work?

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Classes are held via zoom so be sure to download that on your laptop or tablet. After an initial interview, we'll get started!

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Classes are 60 minutes of complete immersion in the target language. We can't wait to meet you!

Our spanish teachers

Maddalena Boomsma

Maddalena learned Spanish the traditional way, in fluorescent lit classrooms with grammar books in Pennsylvania. But she realized she couldn’t communicate after years of formal Spanish classes! Then she moved to a little beach town in México and realized she just needed to start talking!

Through her language learning experience, she fell in love with Spanish and the empowering effect of communicating with no limits. Through years of teaching in formal classroom settings as well as private tutoring, Maddalena has created a method for language mastery that she shares with each and every one of her students.

Teacher magic: By engaging my students on a personal level in every aspect of my lessons, the student and teacher create memories in the target language. By personalizing the grammar and class topics, each student creates a particular connection with the material at hand.

Who is a good fit for me: engaged, curious and committed students who want to connect and open up through classes together.

Location: Tulum, México