There are no boutique online Spanish schools that focus on the daily human experience. Most online schools offer gimmicky “get fluent in a month” courses while at Pitahaya we encourage a self-paced, comfortable learning experience where you apply the intended grammar and vocabulary to talk about what you want to talk about in the target language. We believe it’s important for people to form personal connections no matter the space between. While Pitahaya may not have a brick and mortar, we want to feel like we are together. 

Pitahaya was established in 2018 in Tulum, México.

Our mission

To create a healthy environment for curious and excited students to learn Spanish in their own time where they feel confident to talk about what they love to talk about.

Our vision

Pitahaya is a collective of like-minded professional Spanish teachers engaging and empowering students throughout the world online.

Our spanish teachers

Maddalena Boomsma

Maddalena learned Spanish the traditional way, in fluorescent lit classrooms with grammar books in Pennsylvania. But she realized she couldn’t communicate after years of formal Spanish classes! Then she moved to a little beach town in México and realized she just needed to start talking!

Through her language learning experience, she fell in love with Spanish and the empowering effect of communicating with no limits. Through years of teaching in formal classroom settings as well as private tutoring, Maddalena has created a method for language mastery that she shares with each and every one of her students.

Teacher magic: By engaging my students on a personal level in every aspect of my lessons, the student and teacher create memories in the target language. By personalizing the grammar and class topics, each student creates a particular connection with the material at hand.

Who is a good fit for me: engaged, curious and committed students who want to connect and open up through classes together.

Location: Tulum, México