Our Method

Our collective yearning to be understood is at the heart of Pitahaya. By being part of our online community, students gain a sense of personal empowerment and fulfillment through our classes. By acknowledging the simple human principle that we all just want to be understood, our teachers assist our students to come to realize that fluency is not the goal but rather, it is the ability to communicate our daily human experience.

In addition to the digital manual included in your bundle, your teacher will guide you through class using Pitahayas tried and true 7 step method for each “tema del día,” or topic of the day.

7 step method

  • Meet and greet grammar
  • Written exercises
  • Spoken practice
  • Images with grammar
  • Reading + literature references
  • Stimulating listening activities
  • Video practice

Spanish language exchange night

Once a month Pitahaya offers an evening where students of all levels can join a group class to speak with a Spanish-speaking special guest. Practice your listening skills while the special guest talks about their life and interests.

Gain confidence in your language use during the Q + A and ask lots of questions!